You’re human. You dream big. You work hard. You fall down. You get up. You give a damn.

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“I Cook. You Eat. We Fall in Love.” Chef Camille lives to deliver #ThePerfectBite, cooking up irresistible private dining experiences in LA, SF, & beyond. Feast on our new venture!

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Giddy Up. If I had a dollar for every year guiding clients through Brand, Marketing, PR, & Social Media roller coasters, I’d have 14 dollars! Wanna team up? Holla at yaboy.

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Make Awesome Happen. From Silicon Valley’s crowdfunding pioneer to America’s most epic food marketplace, meet the brands I’ve been blessed to squad up with.


“Roses are red. True love is rare. BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE.”